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New Anime to review!

For the record, I dislike the redesign of Dead Master. Ew. Sticking with the original.

Yomi is a slave to Kagari due to her intense guilt tripping. So much so that Yomi even let herself be physically and psychologically abused. This seems to be almost mirror to how insecure Yomi was in the anime. But what's the big shocker is how Dead Master is a puppet to Chariot as they fight BRS in Otherworld. She is used as bait to lure BRS further into their realm.

Once Dead Master and Yomi learn to assert themselves thanks to Mato's help, they confront Chariot and Kagari. In Otherworld, Black Gold Saw steps in, and in the lapse of the surprise, Chariot takes advantage and goes in for a surprise attack from behind BRS, only to get beheaded.

In Epsidoe 3, we see something much closer to the original OVA, but with just more context. In Episode 4, we see that Kagari not entirely remembering ever needing Yomi that much before broke the mold Dead Master built around herself. All her insecurities are reinforced and she has emerged from her cocoon, green with envy and rage. In Episode 5, we can further see just how far Yomi has fallen, and how much of a threat Dead Master is. She has a legion of soldiers at her command, along with her beloved skulls. They can team up to create a large giant made out of the amassed army of skeletons. They seem nearly indestructable, yet how BRS manages to destroy them is unclear.

Yuu, although she has disappeared from the minds of all she knew, reappeared to merge Mato with BRS, but by the time it was complete, BRS already had her sword through Dead Master's chest, dripping with her green life liquid.
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New muse is new. So let's try to think up some possible personality stuff. I'll expand when I can. This is all mostly headcanon.

As of July 25th, 2010: some spoilers here, as I've seen & read about the 50 minute special.

Personality wise:

-Quite smart. I could see her as getting decent grades in school while helping Mato with her studies, although I could also see Yomi (pre-DM) getting a bit tired of always needing to support her. Because of her being good at school, she could also not be so social as Mato. Yomi enjoys her company, but in large groups as Mato and the new girl, Yuu, become friends, she just feels like a spare wheel. I believe Yomi was chosen first to be given her powers that fed on her irritation and fueled it twice fold, which in turn had caused events to choose Mato as B★RS to counteract DM.

-As a human, she was quite caring and willing to help others, but now as DM she is free to as she wishes, and with her intelligence I could see her being a know-it-all and finally being the center of attention she believes she deserves. She can be overall a haughty little bitch. (Muse already wants a statue of herself...)

-She'll try to destroy all B★RS would hold dear, even if that meant throwing away a good friendship just to prove that she is the better of the two.  She'll use any means necessary to lure out B★RS, her prime target. She won't waste her time fighting others.


-Those two skulls. They provide a means for her to fight and defend with, as well as giving her a lift around. Why shouldn't she be carried around? They also tend to be her ears and eyes at times [<-- HEADCANON]. They are either made of metal, the same kind from B★RS' and Dead Master's weapons, or heavy duty stone. If there is an IB★RS and/or her amped up canon sword present, they can be destroyed by it.

-Her chains. They shoot out from behind her somehow. I've yet to think of where they could possibly come from. When she fights with them, she does look like a very cute dangerous spider. [New Canon info] She can fight on those chains of hers, much like a spider can crawl around on it's web. [HEADCANON 4/20/11] She may be able to control certain types of metals, if those chains do not come from her own body. Another theory is that she can make chains appear out of nowhere/some rift.

-Her scythe.It can deflect whatever B★RS shoots out if swung properly. It's just as durable as that pesky canon. [New Canon info] Not as durable against the Rock Canon as I thought But she is wicked with the Dead Scythe and her agility is very good. If fighting against the Rock Canon while it's acting like a sword, then it can handle the attacks unless shot at point blank. Then it will break.

-[New Canon info] Fighting skills. Quite possibly on par with B★RS. She's adept with hand to hand combat in combination with using chains (and her skulls when they are present).


-Was right about her being smart. DM doesn't seem so self centered. More like bitter. I think Mato having a new friend made her jealous, and although the part where I thought she fused with DM was because of feeling like a third wheel in large groups was actually just with Mato and Yuu hanging out more. Partially right about that!

-I guess the muse won't need a statue of herself now. Pity!

-Yomi seems quite reserved, since she has moved around a lot as a child. I guess she thinks it's better to not make friends rather than make friends and have to leave them behind. Did not expect her to live in Germany and speak a bit of German. She is clearly more mature than Mato.

-She just wants to destroy B★RS, and only B★RS. Everyone else can gdiaf.


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